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Software Development

Product Design Experts Corporation can develop software using numerous tools and technique including GNU C++, Visual Studio C++, Borland, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, .NET, CSharp, IAR C++, Perl, Java, Shell Language, etc. Our lead developer has over 20 years of direct programming experience and is always up to date with the most modern technologies. One of our assets is the ability to bridge the wide gap between business requirements and technological solutions. Our 'client centric' open approach allows us to see both side and find a good middle ground where technology can be leveraged to succeed within budget, time line and on target for the business need. Software Development 'Programming' (Embedded Systems & Applications) Product Design Experts programmers have been programming computer system for over two decades. We have well over 100 years combined programming experience in our lead management staff alone. Our programmers experience allows us to create creative solutions to problems other developers would consider either too difficult or impossible. Our focus uses a top down architecture approach where we build the highest quality product possible. We believe that if we are going to do something we should do it to the best standards possible. This is in direct contrast with most development firms that develop to the minimum standard necessary to reach the short or midterm goals. In selecting a development firm it is important to recognize the quality of the firm and staff that you hire and we believe that we have the most to offer. Spend some time with us and we are sure that our ideas, qualities and methods will convince you that we are the best choice for your development needs.

Software is the part of a computing system which serves as hardware's instructions for its operation. The software of the system offers the most pliable part of a computing system. As an example of systems that we create, we always look toward the future and our systems begin with fundamentals such as in-the-field upgrades, Internet upgrading and other software update mechanisms that allow systems to be fully refined at any time. This also offers up sale and support sales opportunities for businesses in the future. Product Design Experts develops software solutions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple, smart phones and embedded systems. Our development team focuses on software quality, timeline delivery and user friendliness. We can custom tailor a development plan that incorporates all your business needs. By calling Product Design Experts you give your project a jump start into development because we have developed an array of libraries ready to kick-start your project.

We develop in many languages including:
Objective C
Assembler Machine Code
Hardware Definition Language (HDL) such as Verilog and VHDL
Web Languages PHP, Cold Fusion, ASP, .NET, Java Script, DHTML, HTML2.0
Legacy languages such as COBOL, FORTRAN
Beginner languages BASIC, PASCAL
Hardware Systems we have developed for include:
Windows on Intel x86
Apple on Intel and PowerPC platforms
Blackberry MIDP
Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone
Solaris on Sparc and X86
MVS S/390
AIX (PowerPC)
Embedded Systems
MPS 430
Motorola 68000
Basic Stamp

We have experience with multiple development environments:
Microsoft Visual Studio
Apple XCode
IAR Studio