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Product Design Experts Corporation has collected a large inventory of resources to help develop our clients solutions.

Our unique experience provides us with a wide range of skills unlike our competitors which enables our solutions to be on target the first time within budget and on time.

Our resources include a wide variety of tools, technologies and development environments ready at our finger tips. This allows us to bring solutions to bear on your problems immediately, rather than having to order and wait for tools to arrive. Additionally since we already possess and have delivered solutions with these tools our experience with them further accelerates and improves our product output.

At Product Design Experts we have collected the resources of over a decade's worth of direct development work, plus decades of previous work by our founders. The resources that we have available include:

Numerous Computers, Servers and Systems Equipment
Hundreds of Development Kits
Hundreds of thousands of Component Parts
CNC Machines
3D Printers
Ghz Spectrum Analyzers
Calibrated Frequency Sources with Modulation
A full technical library with over 1000 texts
Band-saws, Routers, Grinders
Drill Presses, Drilling Guides
Ability to manufacture simple PCB's overnight
Assembly (Binocular Inspection) Microscope
Fully Static Protected Soldering & Assembly Stations
Fully redundant datacenter
Partnership with a PCB Electronic assembly facility
Numerous Cables
Hundreds of various software solutions
Ability to prototype and fly aviation experiments & products
Power supplies
Various fasteners
Wide Inventory of test equipment
Secure safes for confidential data
BGA/Hot air rework
Much Much Much MORE!!!!